Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Welcome to my front is my decor. (That rhymed! LOL!)

So bummed they discontinued the "welcome" decor element. My neighbor wanted me to make her one of these and I tried to order it...but I was too late. I'll have to order some vinyl sheets and make my own with the Big Shot.

Another thing we have on our porch is bird pooh. A family of Swallows have migrated and stopped here. We decided not to stop them from calling our porch home. Here is a shot of the messy little cutie pies.

I know we got the "tail end" of one of them, that's how they leave us the pile 'o surprise each day. YUCK! They'll probably be gone soon since it's getting really hot out. I bet they'll be heading north with their little one(s). I can't see in the nest since it's about 12 feet up inside our entryway. I can't wait to see them take their first flight. I'm wondering if they'll be dive bombers like their parents??

Have a fun and safe 4th and GOD BLESS THE USA!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thoes little buggers dive bombed me and I screamed like a little girl LOL