Monday, May 30, 2011

Laurie and Da Boys In The 'Hood

My sister is home and doing pretty well considering her injuries. She has also recommitted her life to God! She is filled with hope, joy and faith and I am SO PROUD of her!! God saved her life in more ways than one. Here she is being silly with the twins:

Here is a fun picture of the baby taken just a few days ago. He is trying his first taste of solid food, rice cereal...isn't he so cute?!

Happy Stamping,


Bada-Bing Creations said...

Cute pictures! Thanks for the nice comments on my blog, I love your stuff as well so yes, great minds must think if I could remember which card I cased of's heck to get old, lol!

Shannon said...

What a cutie! So glad your sister is doing well. Not the wake up call you want to get, unfortunately.