Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I've Been So Confused

Many of you have already heard that we are expecting baby #3. We were told just 2 short weeks ago that we were having a it turns out, we are having a BOY!!! I'm not disappointed in anyway, just relieved to have been able to find out so quickly and rewind our plans and start over. We haven't painted or even done much of anything, so now we are really ready to make room for BABY BOY JENSEN!!!

Here is the Deal of the Day...

How many of you have seen my beautiful canisters in my kitchen. They are made by Home Interiors, but did you notice the cute vinyl decor elements I added to it? I have 2 packages of these for sale...only $10 each (Canisters not inlcuded). I have them in Chocolate Chip color (a deep rich brown). It actually comes with 4 words and the scrolls and are SUPER EASY to apply.

Contact me today at if you are interested in purchasing this.

Happy Stamping,


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