Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pump It Up

If you know my boys at all...you would know that they tend to be a little shy and reserved out in public. They would NEVER step foot in a bounce house if there were any other kids, especially. We recently went to an indoor bounce house place called Pump It Up for a birthday party for Jessi. She is the daughter of a long time friend of mine.

To my suprise, the boys warmed up very quickly to the bounce houses and by the end of the day, they were crying because they didn't want to leave. I was in shock, so I had to take a billion pictures to prove that they actually did go in the bounce houses and on the slides AND with other kids, too!!!

Thank you to my friend Karen for hosting a really fun birthday party. And Happy Birthday to 3 year old Jessi...the boys had a blast at your party!!!


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Shannon Hartz said...

Hi there:) Oh I LOVE Pump it up parties. My kids love it, they get great exercise and leave exhausted:) I told Bobby forget the house, we just need to buy a wearhouse, fill it with bouncers and we'd be good:)