Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Luke and Tyler on a Turtle

I have had a few requests to post pictures of Luke and Tyler....so here is a favorite from Palm Springs on December 14th. This was a really fun park where they had a pretend fire truck to climb all over. They loved it, but it was really cold out...a nice 40 degrees. Cold for us fair weathered friends.
(Tyler on the leftand Luke on the right)

The boys are almost 4! It has gone by so fast. I wanted to share some of my favorite things they have said lately.

Luke commented about getting Christmas gifts after being threatened that Santa knows when he hasn't been good. "How do I keep getting all these presents...I've been a little bad."

Tyler: "I'll close the door Luke so you can concentrate." This was because Luke was trying to go poop on the toilet.

They are hilarious and keep me on my toes. They say the funniest things and have developed very colorful personalities.

I love being a mom! Who knew the girl that didn't think she wanted kids?? God had a bigger plan, a better one!!!!!

Love, Krista

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Anonymous said...

The kids look soooo cute on the turtle!!!
Linda Conger