Monday, August 12, 2013

Favorite Things Party Banner

Have you ever heard of it?  Well, I never did until my cousin Lindsay was posting all of these cute things on Pinterest.  I had to check it out and I asked her what it was all about. Here's how it works:
Invite your friends over for a get together.
Have them bring 3 of the same item (brand new)...something that is their favorite thing.  A lipgloss, kitchen utensil, home item, accessory...anything. 
Set a dollar limit for this item. I chose to ask everyone to spend no more than $10 per item.  REMEMBER...they are each bringing THREE of the SAME item.
Once they arrive they will write their name on 3 slips of paper and drop them in the jar.
When everyone is here and all names are collected, everyone will draw 3 names (not their own of course!)
Each person will stand up, describe their favorite thing, and then give their favorite thing to those people they drew from the jar.
Sounds like fun, right?! I HAD to make a banner for this fun girls night.  It's all about the details!!!

My party is this Friday. I will let you know how it goes.  I'm sure it will be lots of fun since it's with some pretty cool ladies!!

Every time I see this banner I burst into song....."These are a few of my Favorite Things!!"  You know, Sound of Music?!?!  It's a classic!!

Here are some close up shots.  I'm not fond of the coloring in these photos....sorry about that!!

I found inspiration for this project on a fabulous challenge blog...
Hop on over to Stampin' Celebration Inspiration Challenge and check out the other gorgeous ideas from the Design Team and the other entries.

Happy Stamping,


Cori Kozak said...

Super cute Krista!! Love the banner! Thanks for joining us this month at Stampin' Celebration!! :)

Erin Gonzales said...

OK, this is SUPAH CUTE!! not just the banner but your party plan... I got NO invite- rude! I am SOOOOO doing this too, I love it all!!!

brrenwick said...

What a fun party!!! I'm going to have to do this with some of my gal pals :-) And I'll have to CASE your super cute banner for it too!!!