Thursday, December 22, 2011

Girl Scouts Anyone?

A friend needed a gift for a Girl Scout leader and wanted one of the notepad/pen sets that I was selling at this past weeks boutiques at the school.  I went on the GS website and found the emblem and duplicated it using our heart punch.

Sorry that it's in the cellophane was already all wrapped and forgot to take a pic.  

Want one for your favorite Girl Scout or Girl Scout Leader?  Contact me today for a super cute and fun gift!!

Happy Stamping,


Joan said...

Goodness, you've brought on a whole whack of memories!!!! I was in Girl Scouts for seven years when I lived in Chicago, and after getting my Education degree but no job when I returned to Canada, I got involved in Girl Guides as a leader. Good times, good memories! What a wonderful package you've created here!
Have a Merry Christmas

Margaret said...

Such a great idea! My youngest is in girl scouts, so I may be recreating this idea at a later date!