Friday, March 19, 2010

5 Years Ago...

I was preparing for the birth of our twin boys. I was so anxious and nervous. I had been on bed rest for several weeks at this point and I wanted it to be over, but not too soon. I wanted to share some pictures leading up to the big moment when my Dr. ripped them out of my body....well....not really "ripped" but it sure felt like that during the recovery. These are some of my favorite belly shots:

My Friend Tracy Young came over to paint my belly like an Easter egg since my boys were going to be "hatched" only 4 days before Easter that year.

Believe it or not, this next picture is the day before I delivered the boys. I was only 41 inches around and only gained 26 lbs. I think I was planning to gain 50+ lbs. but my body just couldn't keep food down.

On my next blog entry I'll post pics of the delivery. Oh, what a great life since then! I LOVE being a MOM!!!!!!



Becky said...

Only 26 pounds with twins! That's crazy!! You were a very cute pregnant lady...are you sure you don't want to enjoy that pregnant glow again? :)


Kathy said...

Yikes!! I gained about 60 lbs. with Cameron - actually it was probably more, but I couldn't see the numbers on the scale anymore! I only had one!

You look so cute! It took me a WHILE to figure out how and why the blue was on your was your belly! Too cute!



Brianna said...

Ok your picture looks like me right now. haha I gained 40 lbs with Aven. You look so cute.